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Christy Eichers


Christy has been called a “ringleader” when it comes to organizing, planning and finding fun in life. She successfully conceptualized, implemented and managed an award-winning community engagement program for Medtronic, Inc. During her corporate career, Christy developed a reputation as a creative, energetic leader and effective coalition-builder.

Christy now consults with businesses and non-profits sharing her experience:

• Identifying and executing corporate sponsorships; including sports marketing

• Developing creative and award-winning employee engagement  programs
   and fundraising campaigns

• Implementing innovative volunteer opportunities

• Managing global exhibits and events

• Launching products and marketing campaigns

Employee Engagement
Sponsorship Activation
Philanthropic Programming
Community Relations
Volunteer Initiatives




Event Design & Execution
Convention & Exhibits
Meeting Management
Promotional Marketing
Product Development
Fundraising Campaigns
Process Improvement